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 It's like ordering from a candy store, only that candy store dominates all other candy stores. Would love to meet the brains behind this operation, revolutionary.

Chase K.

I tried Bunch of Munchies brand Circus Animal Crispies! Talk about a mouthful...a mouthful of gas that is! Two of my childhood favorites together as one? Yes please! How did it taste you ask? Upon first bite, I was met with sweet and decadent terps. The flavor profiles were accurate and there were actual pieces of circus animal cookies baked into the rice crispy! (legendary) The rice crispy it’s self was clearly homemade (gas), not the kind from the supermarket that are just stuffed with preservatives and overly sweet! My favorite part about this snack was that I could easily separate the flavors and enjoy the taste of the rice crispy as well as the taste of the circus animal cookie. Overall, I enjoyed the snack and would absolutely grub it again. I am curious to see what else this company has in store.


I've never been a fan of rice crispy treats, but Bunch of Munchies have changed my opinion indefinitely! The new must have snack in this house will forever be the Circus Animal, and Cookies and Crispies! YUM! Excited to try them all!

Nadia C.

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