Meet The BOM Team

Chief Dessert Officer: Jessica Aguilar

Jessica Aguilar is the owner and creator of Bunch of Munchies. At six years old, she rolled up her sleeves and began her zealous journey into being the best home-baker she could be. Like any visionary, Jessica learned from the best – her mother and grandmother, and coupled with aunts and cousins, she spent her time in the kitchen. It was then that she realized her true calling: official dessert maker for all things yummy.  Regardless of the occasion, Jessica would be there with something freshly made, because she believes that the best treats are crafted with butter and love.  Eager for the opportunity to create something fun and a bit different for people to enjoy, Bunch of Munchies was born.  Although crispies are the name of her current game, treats do not discriminate, and neither does Jessica when it comes to sugar – stay tuned for a bunch more types of munchies in the very near future. 

Chief Munchie Officer: Mark Aguilar

Ever the supportive husband, Mark has been the taste tester in the Munchies kitchen – trying every batch to ensure that Jessica’s vision was coming through in every bite. It is his passion to see his wife pursue her dream, coupled with his love of tasty treats to satisfy his munchies, that drives Mark to spread the word far and wide – if you’ve got the munchies, we have the cure!

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