Snaxx Packs: 6 Assorted Flavors

Snaxx Packs: 6 Assorted Flavors

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The Snaxx Special is our mascot's favorite bag of munchies. These 6 packs of 3 bite-size crispies are the edges of our trays so they are not uniform in size and some may be bigger or smaller than others. We try to include as many flavors as possible in this bag but it will be a random assortment based on what edges we have available. You will always receive a minimum of 5 different flavors in this bag and you may receive some duplicates of our most popular flavors. If you’re looking to try our crispies for the first time and want a variety of flavors, this bag of munchies would be perfect for you. 

*This bag will most likely contain an individually wrapped crispie with peanuts or hazelnut. For a breakdown on the nutritional information, please view each individual product listing. Limited supply*

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